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The Keys For Learning Toolbox


Online membership and community


For parents whose children have autism or similar behavioural/communication difficulties.



You don't need to feel lost, alone or overwhelmed anymore.

With the Keys For Learning Toolbox you can learn hands-on evidence based strategies to teach your child new skills as well as reduce challenging behaviours.

Imagine being able to.... 

  • handle meltdowns confidently and calmly.
  • Teach your child new skills such as communication, play skills and independent living skills.

Simple and Supportive

Hi! I'm Gemma. I believe learning shouldn't be intimidating or time consuming. That's why I'm designing a simple and engaging learning experience to give you to the tools to teach your child with confidence and enjoy the process! As a mum of 3 with nearly 15 years experience working with children with autism I know a thing or two about reducing tricky behaviours and teaching new skills. I'm passionate about up-skilling other parents so they feel empowered and I believe in the spirit of community. By joining my membership you can access bite-sized lessons 24-7 and belong to a supportive and nurturing online community.

All The Tools - In One Place - You Need To Become Your Child's Best Teacher

Learn Together

Join me in creating a one of a kind online community where parents anywhere in the world can feel part of something special, something genuinely supportive and encouraging that makes a positive impact on lives.

As a member you'll have the opportunity to help me continue building this membership and community the way YOU want it to be built.

Ask me questions, tell me what topics you want to learn more about and let me know what sort of resources would be helpful. I'll put it all together in one place easy to access at any time.

Let's join forces to create something truly helpful for parents all over the world.

Bite-sized learning units

As a busy mum of 3 I know all to well how precious your time is. I've created an ever growing library of easy to digest mini lessons that will help you, step-by-step, how to analyse and understand your child's behaviour, and teach them new skills. I'm passionate about teaching parents; there is no one more motivated or in a better position to help a child than their parent.

Online community

An online community that’s nurturing, supportive and only for parents. A community that makes you feel like you aren't alone in your parenting journey, but united with others who are in a similar situation. This will be a safe place where you can vent; share your highs and lows and help support other parents along the way.

Access to evidence-based resources

I've got all the books, a huge google drive packed full of incredible resources and a pretty darn good network of other experts in the field. Let me do the research and reading for you and I'll share my handy resources in an easily digestible way. I'll be chatting to guest speakers regularly to take a deeper dive into specific topics you want to learn more about e.g. speech and language, play and challenging behaviours. 

Buthena's feedback

"When I first discovered that my first child has autism I was shocked, I didn’t know what to do and whom should I ask, I really wanted to help her, but I didn’t know how !! I could not find help in my country so I started to look for help through the internet and it’s really my good luck to meet Gemma and despite the distance she was able to open the door for me and my little one I understand step by step how to begin, the support I found in her Facebook community made me believe that everything is possible" 

What else??

Access to guest speakers

As a keen networker I have a fabulous network of other experts in our field who you will get access to during guest speaker chats. 

Discounts on other services

You'll also get access to discounts off my other services including 1:1 online coaching sessions, live workshops and online courses.  

Regular Q & A sessions

You'll have the chance to ask me questions during regular live Q & A sessions within our private FB group. 

Meave's feedback

“Just downloaded Kajabi and it links straightaway to the Keys for Learning toolbox. I really like how it is organised as you can go to a resource under a topic straightaway. It’s a big thumbs up from me 👍🏻. So easy to navigate your way through. I love it.”

All the tools you need to help unlock your child's potential without the stress and overwhelm.

It can feel overwhelming and exhausting. Raising a child with autism can feel like being on a journey without a road-map. Luckily, there are evidence-based strategies that can help reduce your stress and overwhelm and give you the tools to teach your child.


This membership is for you if:

  • you want to feel confident and in control when it comes to managing challenging behaviours and/or teaching your child new skills
  • you have a child who is struggling with communication/social skills or has behavioural difficulties
  • you want to join a supportive online community of other parents facing similar challenges and have the opportunity to ask me questions
  • you don't have time to read books or translate the jargon but can dip in and out of bite-sized lessons (via an app on your phone)
  • you want to stick with science, using evidence based strategies to teach your child

Emma's feedback

"I highly recommend the learning toolbox and working with Gemma. It has really given us the knowledge, confidence and support to put ABA strategies in place. As parents it is hard going and often in the past we have ran out of steam when it comes to our son's behaviour! The learning toolbox and Gemma gave us the continued support we needed and I'm so thankfully to have discovered this resource and support. Gemma explains everything so clearly and it really makes sense. There is also a huge amount of content and videos to watch. Over the last few years we've came to realise that ABA is the one approach that makes a difference to our sons behaviour and his engagement. I believe it is key to his future progress and learning."

All The Tools You Need To Add To Your Parenting Toolbox

I love what I do.

I love helping parents teach their children meaningful and functional skills that leads not only to happy and independent children, but happier households.

This is a journey not a sprint so surround yourself with positive people who genuinely want to help you help your child.


Edel's feedback

"I LOVE being part of such an inclusive membership! The tools in the toolbox are already helping me with my little girl, and having that direct interaction with so many health professionals that are normally impossible to reach out to has been an absolute Godsend to us - especially during the pandemic. Thank you for creating such an invaluable resource - it's worth every penny and more"


Invest now


  • Supportive online community
  • Regular Q & A sessions in private FB group
  • Growing bite-sized lesson library organised by topic
  • Resources including activity sheets, templates and programmes to get you going right away!
  • Guest speakers including speech and language therapists, behaviour analytic play specialists and others!
  • Discounts off other services including live workshops, online courses and 1:1 coaching calls
  • Cancel anytime

5 day trial


  • £1 per day trial for 5 days 
  • Check out our online community
  • Have a look through the lesson library in the toolbox
  • Get to know me as well as our regular guest speakers; speech and language pathologist Tracy Vail and BCBA Steve Ward
  • If you like what you see, join the membership at the at the end of your trial

Olufumisho's feedback

"I highly recommend this, knowledge packed yet simplified for the lay person, makes it so less daunting with clear resources to help as well. Honestly I keep saying Gemma's course was the best purchase I made this year!"