Parent Membership

[For parents whose children have autism or similar behavioural/communication difficulties.]

Join our online community where parents anywhere in the world can feel part of something special, something genuinely supportive and encouraging that makes a positive impact on lives. Raising a child with autism can feel like being on a journey without a road-map. Luckily, there are strategies that can help reduce your stress and overwhelm and give you the tools to teach your child.

As a member you'll have the opportunity to ask me questions, request topics you want to learn more about and let me know what sort of resources would be helpful. I'll put it all together in one place easy to access at any time. This is a safe place where you can vent; share your highs and lows and help support other parents along the way. This is the space where you can ask questions as well as where I'll host live Q & A's with our regular guest speakers such as speech and language pathologist Tracy Vail and behaviour analyst Steve Ward.