Our Team

We are an enthusiastic, dedicated team of professionals located in the central belt of Scotland. Collectively, we have a range of experience applying the principles of behaviour analysis with children across a variety of settings. We are passionate about providing effective and meaningful services to children with autism and learning difficulties and their families. We work as a team, sharing knowledge and ideas, so that your child’s programme will benefit from our collective expertise and experience.


Gemma Gilmour, MSc, BCaBA
Supervisor and Founder

Gemma has worked with children with autism and related difficulties since 2005. She has an MA in psychology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and a MSc in Applied Behavioural Analysis from the University of Wales, Bangor. Gemma gained her BCaBA certification in 2012, having successfully completed all of the necessary academic modules through the Florida Institute of Technology.

Gemma received her initial training working on home programmes run by the Centre for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) both in the UK and Australia and other independent UK-based consultants. She is passionate about helping families who have children with learning and language difficulties and extending her knowledge and experience within the field of ABA.

Gemma has worked with children of a variety of ages but she is particularly interested in working with young children, minimising problem behaviours and teaching functional communication skills.  Gemma has experience as an ABA therapist and as a programme supervisor, having delivered and designed programmes for toilet training, sleep issues, fussy eating, self help skills, play and more.

Gemma is a keen net worker and educator; she feels passionately about disseminating accurate and up to date information about ABA to professionals and parents.

Jennifer has over nine years experience using Applied Behaviour Analysis / Verbal Behaviour (ABA / VB) with pre-school children through to young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental delays. Jennifer obtained her BA in Behavioural Science from the University of West of Scotland and has recently achieved her BCaBA qualification through the Florida Institute of Technology. Jennifer also has experience with Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT) and DIR Floortime.

Jennifer supervises home programmes, delivers parent training, provides 1:1 sessions, runs social skills clubs in Glasgow, and provides training in schools/nurseries in Greater Glasgow and Ayrshire.

Jennifer McCann BA, BCaBA
Laura Young MA, BCBA

Laura is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), with a Master’s degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis from Queens University Belfast. Laura started off as a behaviour therapist for Keys for Learning in 2012 and found her passion in helping young children with developmental and language delays learn new skills using the principles of behaviour. Laura has since gained a wealth of experience working with children ranging from 2-16 years old, supervising home programmes, training new therapists, and attending professional development courses. Laura shows a great commitment and optimism to the families she supports and enthusiasm to the children she works with.

Laura is based in Glasgow and travels across Scotland to provide behaviour services to families, nurseries and schools.

Georgia has worked as an ABA therapist for the past three years and has experience working with children ranging from 2 years to 13 years. She has worked as a lead tutor taking on responsibility for training new tutors, graphing and providing evidence and reports for local authority meetings. Georgia has worked on a mixture of home school programmes and attended mainstream schools as a shadow ABA tutor. She has previously worked in a primary school for two years.

Georgia has completed a 10 week Register Behaviour Technician (RBT) course and is a Talk Tools therapist having completed Level 1: A Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral Motor Therapy and Level 2: Oral Motor Therapy – Assessment and Programme Plan Development. She has obtained, with distinction, a postgraduate certificate in autism and Asperger’s syndrome which provided her with a great deal of knowledge about autism as a whole, including increased knowledge of sensory processing issues, anxiety, theory of mind, executive functioning and central coherence.

Georgia has a particular interest in fitness and has an Autism Fitness Level 1 certification. She has delivered a 4-week fitness programme which increased and developed gross motor skills and movement for children of a variety of ages. This was a successful project in that not only did it increase skills but also enjoyment for many of the children who participated.

Georgia has an interest in speech and language which is why she has recently moved to Edinburgh to commence a masters in Speech and Language Therapy. She recognises the advantage of combining speech and language provision that is delivered using ABA strategies and is excited for this next chapter.

Georgia Brayley, BSc, PG Cert
Associate Therapist
Alison MacDougall, MSc, PGCert, MA (Hons)
Associate Therapist & Supervisor

Alison is an ABA therapist who has worked over 4 years’ part time with children with Autism in home based ABA programmes. While doing so; in 2015 she graduated with a First class honours degree in MA Psychology from the University of Aberdeen. She also went on to complete a postgraduate certificate in Autism & Learning with Merit while working as a Support worker in a residential school for children with autism which she did for almost two years. She has since completed her MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis with Distinction from Bangor University.

Having recently moved to Edinburgh and finishing her Masters, Alison is now involved in ABA programmes in Edinburgh within home and school environments and plans to work towards becoming a Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst. Alison is passionate about facilitating a child’s development and increasing their behavioural repertoire. She demonstrates this though her commitment, understanding and enthusiasm.

Alison currently delivers 1:1 sessions at Beetroot Sauvage in Edinburgh.

Tina is a certified primary school teacher who has taught P1-P3 in Toronto, Canada and recently moved back to Edinburgh. She previously worked as an ABA therapist in Scotland delivering home-based ABA programmes with children aged 2-10 and is excited to be back into ABA Therapy.

Tina has completed her Bachelors of Education degree, as a primary specialist in Canada and then obtained a postgraduate certification in Childhood Studies from the University of Edinburgh. She has a wide breadth of experience in working with children with Autism and various developmental delays including behaviour and speech challenges. She continually strives to enhance children’s communication skills in both play based and formal teaching environments.

Tina Tammsalu, BSc, PGCert
Associate Therapist
Migena Haskocelaj, BSc, MSc
Associate Therapist

Migena is an ABA therapist with a Master’s degree with honours in Psychology from the University of Trieste (Italy). She has a postgraduate 1st level MSc in ABA and is currently completing a 2nd level MSc in ABA. She worked with children with autism and cognitive difficulties, ranging from 2 to 14 years, both in home-based treatment and in collaboration with Italian NHS.
She recently moved to Edinburgh and she is preparing to obtain the BCBA qualification. Migena is a firm supporter of the ABA therapy as the best tool to improve the children’s development and the family’s quality of life. She also strongly believes in collaborating with the family members and in understanding the child background (school, interests, skills), to establish an integrated treatment.